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Future Students

Online learning is an ideal environment is for self-motivated students, and is often a more convenient degree path for nontraditional students (e.g. working parents who wish to complete or expand their education, full-time workers who want more education in their field, or who want to explore different career paths), or students who intend to enter a college or university but wish to use online learning to earn their general education credits first.

Some reasons why this learning method could work for YOU:

  • You can earn credit without setting foot on a college campus. You can learn from the convenience of your home, your workplace or any other setting with the necessary technology. 
  • There are no out-of-state fees, so if you are outside Louisiana, you can earn LCTCS credits, paying the same rate as in-state students. 
  • We do not charge fees beyond registration. Students will not pay for parking, campus life activities, etc.  These fees are customary when taking courses at a campus. Our virtual bookstore and online course materials typically cost less than the traditional course materials.

Student Online Readiness Tool (SORT)

The Louisiana Board of Regents provides an interactive online assessment tool that will help you determine if online learning is a good option for you.  Click the image to begin.



Dual Enrollment for High School StudentsLCTCSOnline courses could also be ideal for high school students, who have the option to enroll and earn college-level course credits while they are still completing high school. If you wish to pursue this option, check with your high school guidance counselor, and refer to policies for the Louisiana Board of Regents, which governs dual enrollment policies for all higher education institutions in the state. The Louisiana Department of Education oversees high school programs in the state, and also has policies about dual enrollment, which students should review before registering to take college-level courses.

As with all LCTCS students, the colleges and universities that high school students wish to attend will make the ultimate decision about which courses to accept for credit.  Students should contact the admissions office at their future colleges or universities to make inquiries regarding transfer credit.